Watching. Observing. All eyes on US!

One of my favorite pass times is people watching, anywhere, anytime. Last night, my vantage point was the “Go! Café located in the T4 domestic departures terminal of the Melbourne International Airport. It’s busy. It’s Friday night. I am surrounded by travelers. The energy is palpable!

I am on route back to Cairns after a 4-day stint in Melbourne. Topic was learning, immersing and observing how the agile business model has changed organisations from all over. It's been 3 days of absolute adrenaline fueled highs. Telstra, Energy QLD, NZ Inland Revenue and MYOB are all well experienced Agile practitioners - reaping benefit after benefit and boasting team stability and happiness sustained for many many MANY years!

I ventured. I learnt. I observed. And now I'm planning.

Just because you see does not mean you observe. The difference between seeing and observing is fundamental to many aspects of life. Observation is more than simply seeing something, but rather a mental process involving both visual and thought.

-Farnam Street (FS)

This really resonated with me as, what would observation be if one was not piecing together a story about one’s observation OR if it did not stimulate some kind of thinking.

Through observing the hustle and bustle around me last night, the multitude of travelers coming and going, my thoughts take me to our people. Our GSL people, and how through constant observation I am in the process of piecing together a story of our people. Stories help me plan and ponder. I am hopeful that the stories will inform a map of some sorts. A road map if you will. Yes, I like that! A road map informing a road trip!

Our very own GSL road trip.

People join our “GSL road trip” for many reasons and over the years I have observed many jumping into our car and joining the road trip. I have also seen many jumping off mid journey, opting for shorter less energetic road trips offered by a multitude of other drivers.

Some of the common feedback I’ve received from our road trip passengers over the years have included>>>>>>>>

“GSL is unlike any place I’ve ever worked” “ You guys rock” “This is the best place”

and also>>>>>>>

“I can’t do this anymore” “I think I’ll try waitressing” “This is not for me”

At the moment I am working on 3 projects of sorts all with a common theme. Finding ways of keeping our people in our “car” for the road trip so they are able to experience our full journey. Not only the trip itself but also the destination on the other side. This means our road map needs work and our road trip fine tuning.

Every good road trip needs proper 'road trip food' - so fully stocked picnic basket is not negotiable. The contents of our picnic baskets will differ no doubt but their aim will be corresponding: to nurture us throughout our road trip, to quench the thirst and fill the belly, to sustain us.

Our trip will have twists and turns, uphills and downhills, tunnels, byways, beautiful views and sometimes simply long, boring sections of road extending to what feels like it could be forever.

We will experience signs boards along the way warning us where not to go, but we will also have quite a number of indicators guiding us to places off the beaten track, beautiful breathtaking places that we would not have encountered had we stayed on the well traveled main roads.

And of course our trip will have a good number of activities to keep everyone occupied, interested and excited along the way - essential for any road trip to avoid passenger fatigue and irritation and to avoid the most hated question in all road trip humanity: "Are we there yet"?

Will this trip be exciting? Absolutely!

Will it take us to places we've never seen? Oh yes yes YES!

Will we have sufficient snacks to sustain us throughout and beyond the trip? Most certainly!

Will we like the destination on the other side of the trip itself? YES YES!

Will it be worth our travel time, stiff legs, sore bums and dare I say a bit of motion sickness along the way? I guarantee it!

Are we there yet? Almost - we are servicing the car, checking the tyre pressure, preparing the picnic basket and finalising the map and points of interest.

Pack your bags honey - you're driving with me!

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