Watch out - it goes fast

Tomorrow is our son's birthday. He turns 17 and it's a big one for him. He's spent this year yearning for this day - the day he hopefully gets his driver's license.

Seventeen years! Where did that go? I know every parent tells you it goes fast - watch out, it really does go fast! How are you suppose to pay attention? I'd really like to rewind and watch it all again. I have no desire to change anything, I'd just like to pay attention to all those little details you miss when life's busy and time becomes a blur.

I remember the day our boy was born. Rudolf was with me for the birth while Tasha was with friends. He left me to go pick her up and I remember looking down at our baby who was fast asleep next to me. For the hour or so we were alone I think I was truly mesmerized. I had such a complete sense of peace and serenity. I was so content. I was so in love.

I remember becoming aware of time and space as I heard what had to be the approach of Tasha in her plastic barbie high heals. I heard the clicking and clacking of her heals all the way down the ward until they reached our room. Oh she made me smile. Tasha loved those Barbie shoes. They were blue with sparkles all the way through the plastic and she wore them with such delight. At the glorious age of nineteen months, what was not to love about those shoes? Is it possible to be doubly in love?

Our gorgeous girl boldly approached her brother who was fast asleep next to me and pronounced loudly, 'Eep' as she looked up at me. I said, 'yes he's asleep, your brother's asleep'. She smiled ever so proudly and then with no hesitation at all, she climbed onto the bed and muscled her place between Sebastian and I. That was the end of the sleeping baby and happy toddler. Sibling rivalry - game on!

From that day forward Tasha continued to call her brother, Eep. Somewhere along the line it morphed a little and became Eeb. From there, it became Eebie, and for many years Eebie was his nickname. Isn't it the funniest things that stick?

Rudolf and I are not quite sure who's son he is - neither of us are sports oriented or fitness conscious. Our son is both. When he was in primary school he started watching rugby on a Friday night. After a while Rudolf joined him and it became a little tradition until other things took his interest (by then Rudolf was hooked!). He played soccer and I found myself being a soccer Mum - surprisingly I enjoyed it. Do I dare admit this? Two years ago he quietly decided he had some weight to lose and took up running without telling anyone. When we started to notice the changes, he revealed his achievements. For a while there Rudolf joined him, running alongside while balancing a bike so he could jump on, catch his breath while keeping up, and then dismount again to continue the jog. Now Sebastian's taking his health and fitness reasonably seriously. At home, he's shamed us into eating much better food and believe it or not he was the one who inspired me to join the gym (more about that in a different blog).

So tomorrow is the day of his driving test. If he gets it, it will be the best day of the year; if he doesn't - well, let just not talk about it.

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