The magic of our place

WARNING: This is an appreciation blog gushing over the gorgeous place we live in – our Cairns, our place!

In 2015 the Cairns Post reported on “15 things they don’t tell you when you move to Far North Queensland”, a great read and truly solid confidence booster for our region – it was all positive, from crocodile to stinger to sweltering temperatures to cane toads to tourist culture.

Their point 15 especially resonated with me, it simply reads You’ll Fall In Love.

This is SO true about our place.

In a previous blog I reflected on our family’s journey to Australia from South Africa. Reading the article reminded me how, in those early months just after accepting Hein’s employment contract with our migration sponsor, we researched our new hometown consistently. We found a beacon in the three fishes down at the Esplanade – well at least that’s what we termed them.

Image credits Creator:Colyn Huber Lovegreen Photography

It became our icon of Cairns (we knew SO little back then!) and we proudly showed it off to friends and family alongside all the other beautiful research (SO many articles!) – in retrospect they must have been so sick of it by the time we left!

Our place is a true tourist mecca and you only have to venture downtown to experience the richness that brings to our place, not to mention the great contribution to our economy!

I can’t help but wonder about the possibilities of sharing our place with others. How do we snaffle some of the goodness and awesomeness of our place so families living with disability in other parts of Australia (and the world!) can also experience the wonder and beauty of our tourist mecca, the warmth of our welcome and the natural relaxation and recharge associated with our outdoor living environment.

Image credits Cairns Attractions & Things to Do

There has to be a way! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

I think I’m going to ponder this a little more over the next week.

Our families deserve our place and where there’s a will, there’s a way – the Cairns way methinks!

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