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Updated: May 25, 2019

Last week will go down in GSL history as being 'one of those weeks'. A series of unconnected events collided at the same time creating a 'perfect storm'. Each event was independently serious, together they were potentially detrimental. Responding to each was a feat on it's own; responding to all at the same time was mammoth. An exercise that took many off task and disrupted just about everyone in GSL. There was stress, and lots of it; and yet, not one person avoided what needed to be done.

There's been little time to stop and reflect, that's my job for today. It's been a long week of reacting, doing and meeting almost impossible deadlines. I sit here this morning a little numb. My objective today is to analyse what went on. I want clarity on 'our perfect storm' so we can act to minimise the potential of it happening again.

Each day I try to think of at least one new thing for which I am grateful. Today, I am grateful for all the GSL-ians who have come into mine and Rudolf's lives, shared our purpose and taken on all the responsibility. GSL is not mine and Rudolf's anymore. The two of us could not do what is needed these days. It takes a collective, and we have this in all the wonderful people who are a part of GSL today. To all of you, a heartfelt thank you.

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