Stay in the race!

Today's blog is going to be a short one. I woke up really early and had energy to give so - here it is!


Mum had a theory: "The important thing is NOT being first, it's NOT the win. The important thing is to NEVER stop trying. Not giving up, and staying in the race". While we try. we move forward and we stay in the race.

There's progress! Think about where you are right now. Today. What you know today you may not have known 18, 12 or even 6 months ago. That's progress!

Is it hard? Of course it is. It takes commitment, dedication and courage and a whole dollop of not being so hard on yourself. Will we fail along the way? Yes yes yes! But that's OK too.

We pick it up, dust it off and move it along don't we? That's progress!

Lyndsey recently blogged about all the progressive efforts we are currently applying to move GSL forward. For our clients first and foremost but also for our teams. Those that dedicate their time and careers to providing our clients with a "good start to life". We are constantly sharing our stories and working on our mission. Through all this I've had my own journey of self discovery and finding purpose as many others have had too. That's the beauty of moving forward - others follow, even when you least expect it.

We are in this race together. Whether we are walking steadily, running our best pace or sprinting. And we never give up! We may take our sprint down to a steady walk or we may even stop ever so often to take a breath and stretch our muscles, but we stay in the race and we propel each other forward.

I really like our race, but I LOVE that we can do it together!

#movingforward #stayinYOURrace #together

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