Shhh brain - I need to sleep

Worst night's sleep last night! I did catch a couple of hours but my brain was in complete overdrive. I have been considering learning meditation so I can pause. Last night I decided it's a 'must do', and made a mental note to put it to the top of the 'self improvement' list.

The reason I couldn't sleep was because I was so excited. I am really excited. I actually haven't been this excited for quite some time!

If you've been reading my blogs, you'll know Nettie and I started this year with the decision that 'things had to change'. We'd just come back from leave, and while away (although Nettie wasn't technically away because she was working remotely), we both had the same realisation: GSL operates on a dependency model. Dependency isn't a great model to work in - not for those who feel they can't make a decision without checking and not for those who feel they need to do all the checking. Where's the win in this?

Personally, I came back from my leave with a sense of urgency. GSL was in it's seventh year and nowhere near rolled out. In our modus operandi I couldn't see how the GSL of my dreams was going to become a reality in my lifetime. By this I mean supports and services for infants and toddlers, right through to young adults.

Once we shared our feelings, we laughed, became a little nervously excited and scheduled a planning day. From that point forward a transformation began. As yet, nothing tangible, measurable or visible has happened. A great deal of work has gone into planning a new structure and reorganising our operating systems around people and value. We will proudly be a people positive and complexity conscious organisation (thank you Aaron Dignan).

What I think has been the harder, and much more confronting work, has been the researching, reflecting and soul-searching we did around leadership. There is much literature around confirming that many leaders are self taught and in a busy work environment we default to the operational protocols we learned in previous workplaces. This was what we were doing, but Nettie and I wanted to pause and reflect. Was this really what we wanted to do, or did we want to stretch our leadership wings and fly in a different direction? In short, we're trying on our wings for size and giving them a little flutter.

Yesterday, Nettie shared all her CEO plans for the next year with me and then last night I poured over all the notes she has written (our Nettie is a very thorough person!). We're ready! I feel we're ready! Last week I scoped a draft of our 2019-20 financial forecast against the new organisational structure. Today we have scheduled time to tweak the forecast to align to our plans and then begin the very exciting process of plotting what needs to be done between July to December.

It's real. It's really real! It's so exciting. See ... that's why I couldn't sleep!

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