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On Wednesday night I received a text from a parent:

... well done to your amazing team.

It's hard sometimes but keep doing what you are doing.

It makes a real difference to people's lives!

You have no idea how much these words mean. Our whole purpose is to make a difference to the lives of people like this Mum and her son. Affirmation like this makes all the hardships dissolve, and it gives resolve to continue ... hmmmm .... I've often thought it's lucky I'm not a gambler!

Even though we need a little affirmation along the way, what we need more, and in abundance, is constructive feedback on what we are doing. We're building GSL for our service users - parents, kids, young adults - families in our community touched by disability, and we only get better if you tell us what we're not good at. Of course we like congratulations and praise, it's all good stuff, and we need to hear this so don't want to accidentally 'throw the baby out with the bathwater', but we can only get better when you tell us what we're not good at.

We have all the standard ways of providing feedback, but quite honestly I don't mind if you email me directly: As you engage with GSL, tell us what you don't like, tell us what we should change, tell us what we should 'fix' - or how we could do it better - and tell us what we should do next.

We've spent this year positioning ourselves so we can start delivering on our 'what next' ideas, and it's a super long product road map, but we need to be aware of what our service users want next.

While I was down some google rabbit hole I happened across this post by Joe DiMatteo - it says everything:

We know that we wouldn’t be anything without our curious, intelligent, forward-thinking [clients and families] ... we’re so incredibly grateful for your wisdom ...

It’s time for you to take the wheel for a minute.

Go ahead, sound off.

We’re waiting to go on the journey of discovery with you!

Our efforts are only valuable if we deliver something that meets your needs or solves your problems. Please speak up, we're listening.

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