Nourishment - for belly & soul

We must never stop dreaming. Dreams provide nourishment to the soul,

just as a meal does for the body.

-Paulo Coelho

I read.. A LOT! It's kind of my thing. I love words and expressions of emotions, feelings and dreams in written form. Sometimes I read of or hear a new word and I say it out loud all the time - and then I just use it, lots and in all sentences whether it fits or not, just because it's new and it sounds beautiful and I like hearing it and I'm probably a little weird like that.

I also love food (as you can clearly see) and recently have taken quite a liking to reading /watching food & travel blogs and vlogs.

That's when I'm not reading about agile and lean (the word seems hungry) and flow (like a creamy smooth cheese sauce...). Years ago Jack Canfield and Victor Hansen harnessed a gap in the market and launched the "Chicken Soup" range of motivational books. Now, granted it was in the late 90's / early 2000's, but it was a roaring success and of course I had to have the book - I think I read it 20 times or so back then. But the range of books is not the purpose of my blog today although if motivational books are your thing, you may want to have a little read if you've not done so already.

Back to food. So I came across a blog recently which made mention of renowned foodie, Jamie Oliver running into financial hardship. Noooo!! It can't be. My food guru. My make-a-meal-out-of-what-you-have-in-pantry man. My creative spirit cook! I was devastated and had to calm the shock with a simple cheese sandwich (on gluten free bread with pickles and fat free basil pesto cos body image you know - not!).

I pondered this loss to the culinary world (and to me) and it struck me again how important food (and clearly food guru's) became in our culture and everyday lives (yay). We search and search for the best deals and freshest produce. We research healthy options and good value for money. We follow trends and meal plans so belly is happy and body is nourished. And sometimes we just don't care and we indulge in cheese and Deb's cakes and good wine and cheese and...oops sorry, I forgot to mention that I have a thing for cheese as well. *blush*

We do all this for said belly. And because happy belly makes us feel good. And for some of us there's joy in the prep and presentation of a beautiful meal for family and friends...but that's a bonus. Overall a healthy, happy belly strengthens and supports a happy body and mind.

So! Belly = check. Mind & body = check.

What's missing?

It got me thinking, naturally, about nourishment for the soul. The part that's not connected to our esophagus. What do we feed it? How do we nurture it? What do we do to make it happy? To sustain it. Strengthen it. Do we even invest in it at all?

Jennifer Lopez once said: "You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them". Now I'm sure she was probably not referring to her soul at the time, but it still rings true doesn't it?

The fun part is, you don't need complicated ingredients, recipes or the added pressure of Masterchef and MKR to nurture the soul.

Here's some tips that have worked for me but you may want to do a little research of your own also: Be present in each moment, focus on the detail of that moment and actively contribute to it. Everyone has "a thing", whether it's reading, or words, or food, or cheese - doesn't matter. Find "your thing" and do it!! If it's immersing in nature, do it! If it's spending quality time with family, do it! Stop and smell that flower (I know it sounds corny and you may have to invest in a bit of antihistamine), read that book, take that walk. Yesterday Olandah shared with me her little self care trick and I loved it, she finds great value in spending time with her lab, Tucker. See, that's her thing and it works for her. Earlier on in this blog I mentioned Deb's cakes (boy can this woman bake!), and I'm pretty sure baking and beautifully decorating delicious cakes is a form of fulfillment for Deb.

Our investment in learning & expanding on knowledge feeds the brain. Satisfying and nourishing the belly feeds the body. Taking care of and nurturing the soul strengthens self awareness and enables us to serve others.

How very important that is in our day to day lives!

Let's challenge ourselves to take care of our whole beings: body, mind and soul so we can remain our best selves for each other and for all others.

PS - Don't forget the cheese!!

PPS - Or anything you love and enjoy 😊

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