My Stars

A number of years back I attended a leadership workshop. The opening activity was to make a name badge for ourselves to express the type of leader we are, or want to be. I cringed on the inside. This is not my type of thing.

I looked at all the craft items scattered across the table and selected a purple felt tip pen (I like the color purple). I wrote my name neatly in bold capital letters on the piece of cardboard we were provided. 'Authentic', I thought, 'no frills'. I looked around to see the people at my table immersing themselves in the activity, creating name badge masterpieces. OK, I thought, perhaps I should give this a little more thought.

Seeking some inspiration, I scanned all the craft items and spotted a container of confetti-like, multi colored glitter stars. Bingo!

I grabbed a glue stick, applied said glue liberally over the entirety of the cardboard, and then proceeded to stick down all the stars. The result? My name completely hidden by all the multi-colored, sparkly stars. When it came time to share, I held up my starry badge. Someone commented that they couldn't see my name.

My response? If I am leading well, isn't it the people I've led who become the stars? I'm there behind them, but shouldn't their brilliance shine and be known?

The other night I attended a GSL presentation. Until recently I was the one in front of the audience delivering the message; on this occasion it was the team. I watched quietly from the back. They were the stars of the night.

At the end of the presentation I circulated, and caught up with some parents I have known for years. One of the first questions I was asked was, what are you up to these days? I was a bit stumped by the question. I feel as busy as ever, but I'm clearly not as visible anymore. The conversation continued with them giving feedback and suggestions on one of the programs we deliver and in response I said I'd have to pass it on to the team. I laughed and said, it's all down to them these days. I could see the quizzical looks, but aren't you still the boss?

You know that little saying 'careful what you wish for'? I think my name badge is becoming a reality 😂

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