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Updated: May 20, 2019

Today I woke leisurely, pondered the world and then wondered a little about what I would blog. I have been blogging now, every morning, for the last two weeks. When I decided to do this, I wasn't sure how it would slide into the morning routine. It just did.

I'm enjoying the pause it's giving me; the space to put things into perspective. I find it funny that my blogs are only a 3-4min read but take a good 30-45mins writing time. Perhaps because I frequently stop and think, and I really need to do this. The last eight years have passed so quickly. Mondays become Fridays before I've noticed the other days of the week; months tick over in a lightening fast blur; and before I've closed the previous year the next one is starting. I am never oriented to time or date; I use my phone for these trivial details. I hope this isn't a sign of senility!

We mark time with special events, it's not the day to day routines that are memorable. I have a better chance remembering what I was doing through my twenties and early thirties when I associate what we were doing with the country or place we were living in at the time. When we left Melbourne, we decided we wanted to travel by living and immersing ourselves in different cultures. For the decade that followed, this is what we did. We weren't exactly overly adventurous in this regard, we fell into the routine of basing ourselves in an English speaking country and then traveling broader from these locations. It was fun and I can hook the passage of time to all the stories and stand out memories.

It's not the same when kids came along. The starting point is disruptive and memorable, then we settle into routines.

I'm not sure, and it's something I'll ponder, but it seemed that when we were traveling I knew when I was in a 'good time'. Being a parent is different. There's moments we laugh and there's moments we celebrate. We know these are 'good times', but there's those sneaky moments in between, the ones that slip by and it's only when you look back that you realise it was that moment in time that was significant or special.

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