Less than ideal

My daughter was hunting the house this morning for her shoes. She asked me if I knew where they might be. I stared at her blankly. If you could see her bedroom, you'd know the reason for my reaction. This is besides the fact that she's 18 and should know where she left her shoes. She stood in the middle of the hall, hands on hips with a puzzled expression on her face and pronounced - 'well, this is less than idea!'. She made me giggle. I'm glad to report she found her shoes.

This blog is not just about my daughter. At 17 my son's room is no better and this morning he had a shoe issue. He didn't loose his, he just walked dry mud through the house after he put them on. He vacuumed on request but was completely befuddled by the requirement of packing up the vacuum after use. In his haste to make a quick escape, he left the house without his lunch. I received a phone call 10mins after he'd left home asking me to deliver said lunch on my way to work.

They're both so independent in so many ways now; it just doesn't seem to have translated to domestic competence! Maybe there's a genetic predisposition? I seem to remember Rudolf commenting on my domestic incompetence when we were younger. I really didn't care, I knew it was all a ploy. Wait a minute ... maybe the kids are playing me??

I think back to my late teens and I'm not sure I was doing too much more than what I see our kids doing. I remember back to my bedroom, and although I thought it was fine at the time, I don't think it would have passed my current day standard. I remember clothes all over the floor with a relative clearing from bed to door. Today a room like that would drive me to distraction, at the time it really didn't worry me.

In our first share house, there was four of us. I think I kept my room the same and I'm not sure the rest of the house was any better. I know we didn't have a lawn mower and I vaguely remember the grass being knee high with weeds, but it never occurred to me that we should do something about it. We lived in that house for a year. I don't think any of us mowed the front or back yard even once!

As I was locking up this morning, I looked around. Our house operates a little like a share house with everyone coming and going, doing their own thing. I know Rudolf and I do far too much, and that the kids could do far more. It works; for now anyway. I know kids stay at home longer these days. I'm glad. I'm in no hurry for them to leave.

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