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Learning and Life Skills participant keeping it green.

Our Learning and Life Skills HUB has been actively collecting bottles and cans to trade for cash under the new Containers for Change initiative. (Please see attachments for eligible and ineligible containers).

The various steps involved in the process have provided great real-life examples to use as activities during many of their sessions.

The Hub participants work together to count and calculate earnings (Core Learning Session).

The items are then cleaned, sorted and delivered to the depot (Learn & Earn Session).

A saving plan has been set and participants record and monitor earnings weekly (Dollars & Sense Session).

Their goal is to purchase a good quality coffee machine to go with their brand new oven and teach participants some baking and barista skills.

We would like to ask the community and businesses to drop of their unwanted recycling (please see poster for eligible containers) off at Factory 17, Traders Lane, McCormack Street, Manunda or contact Linda at linda@gslservices.com.au

Many Thanks

Trudy and Linda

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