It's Friday

I remember a skit by comedian Jimeoin. He said that the days of the week are organised wrong. All the good ones are bunched up together - Friday and Saturday - as are the bad ones - Monday and Tuesday. He gave some suggestions on how they could be spread out differently to achieve different results. I laughed.

If I think about the week that's gone by, the days of my week lived up to their reputation. That means I'm in for a good Friday and Saturday🤣

Now seriously, doesn't that tell us something about the perspective we bring to things. There's no real difference between any day of any given week, it's how we perceive them. It's the experiences we bring and the associations we make. This applies to more than days in a week. It relates to everything in life.

This morning I posted some 'thank you's', 'great jobs' and general commentaries to the team. We have some serious standouts within GSL. People who bring passion and motivation to everything they do. They don't do this for recognition, they do it because their heart is in the right place. I know this, but it's always nice to be noticed and valued.

I then indulged in a little social media scan, and what did I happen across? A post today from the UK about final year students getting their results. These words by Gareth Doodes rang true for me:

Life is about how well you bounce, not about how high you fly

We all have bad days, bad weeks or bad times. That's not what defines us. It's the way we bounce.

In the grand scheme of things my week has not been so bad. I have good people around me and we are doing good things for kids (and their families) that we care deeply about.

Today I chose to bounce, and I intend to do it with elegance and ambition 🤣

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