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Updated: Jul 21, 2019

This week my target was to complete a project. I was determined I would focus on a new way of working and not allow GSL to knock me off course. Guess what? I got knocked off course!

So frustrating! There's something about that juggle between urgent and important ...

The project I set myself is something I picked up and started in 2015. I can't exactly say I've been trying to get this project done for four consecutive years. It's more that I've had a burst, and then something happens and it gets put on the back burner for a while. Then things quieten down and I think I'll have another run at it, only to find something happens again and the project is shelved.

Last week, I decided the whole situation was plain ridiculous and that I would not allow urgent or otherwise to knock me off course. I did all the right things, including blocking out the time I needed in my calendar. I spent the weekend doing some preliminary work and Monday I walked in determined. By Monday lunchtime I was heavily involved in something else. Tuesday, I didn't even make it to lunch time and today was just as bad.

I have a girlfriend who says inanimate objects just gang up on you sometimes. This is one of those times. I have a little image of a meme in my head of a person running full pelt at a wall and bouncing off when he hits it, only to get back up and do the exact same thing. That wall called 'urgent' just wont go away!

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