GSL Temporary Office Closure

After thorough consideration, we have decided to temporarily close the GSL office and to continue working virtually. For us, this means business as usual, the only disruption being that we do not get to mingle daily which, with all due respect, we shouldn’t be doing outside the bounds of social distancing anyway.

For you as our valued industry partners, parents / families, carers and our myriad of fellow providers and contacts our phone lines are diverted to our Practice Manager’s mobile phone and we will take incoming calls between the hours of 8.30 and 4.30 as usual and without any disruption. We will retain our focus on GSL’s business continuity, continued service delivery and we commit to keeping everyone updated as decisions unfold and as further restrictions are released by our PM and cabinet.

I understand that this is a trying time for everyone and things remain a little unknown and a little unclear on most days. As a team we are staying on track, keeping ourselves updated on new developments and continuing to ensure ongoing service delivery remains uninterrupted in the meantime.

It truly is, business as usual.

However, in lieu of the latest restrictions released last night by our PM and specifically focusing on group and / or community based activities and access, decisions are underway about how we are able to continue meeting community need in a more creative way. This is very exciting and energizing and we will be updating you throughout the course of today and tonight on our plans.

Thank you for your continued support. I commit to keep you updated on further decisions as they are made.

Nettie Herselman



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