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How do we measure success?

You normally have a starting and an end point. These points are separated by a time period. During this time period certain events or tasks are applied to ensure that your goal you set at the start point, is met at the end point. How well you did, is called success.

In certain professions it is simple and quick to measure success. A car salesman set sales goals. If they achieve these goals or targets, they give himself a pat on the back. If not, they set up strategies to ensure he reaches it next time around. In my previous role as an Audio-visual Technician, each conference had a start and finish. Get every speaker presenter on my stage through their Power Points or Presentations and media with no technical glitches and you nailed it. Goal achieved. Success. A 10 score from your client would confirm this. Then you move on to the next conference and start over.

But how do you measure success when you are working with people? How do you know, that whatever support you have placed around a person, was successful? Now this is a more difficult one to answer.

People do not have an end point. Well, they have eventually, but there is not much we can do about that. It is more a case of people have many start and end points in their lifetime. The duration between these vary for each one.. So, it is easy to miss any success.

And then one day.....

This past few weeks at GSL was spent planning a weekend fishing/camping trip with some of our participants. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone it, to the detriment of most of the boys. We needed to do some more work around their NDIS plans before we could go.

So, in the days following there was a lot of talk as to how to start a successful Social Club. A product we can not only market to potential clients, but also offer to our current participants so funding never becomes a problem. (Watch this space)

Yesterday I heard some of the very same participants, that would’ve gone camping, talk about a fishing trip on Saturday. One of boys has his license and was going to pick up some of the other and head off on their little fishing adventure. At first, I thought how cool. And then it hit me like a steam train running down a hill.

These boys have been with GSL for quite some time now. They have been part of our Learning and Life Skills program teaching them basic life skills through the years. Some of them obtained a job through Piranha Mowing. The driver of said trip did his Learners through the program.

While we were contemplating our next move regarding their NDIS plans, they are packing an esky, grabbing fishing rods and heading to the wharf. Why? Well firstly, they were adults and secondly, we gave them all the skills they need to not need any plans or support. And that is how you measure success.

They say it takes a village to raise a kid. The GSL Village, together with the parents off course, did well. Each one involved formed a piece of the timeline, and at the end you will find four young men fishing at the wharf on Saturday. Success.

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