Fun and laughter

Time is finite; once we use it, it's gone. The same can't be said for laughter. This just hadn't occurred to me until this morning when I heard a quote from Andrew Tarvin: 'There is no lifetime limited supply to laughter'.

Just think about it. If someone says something you don't think is particularly funny but you give them a little, encouraging smile or half-laugh it doesn't mean that later on when you find something really funny you don't get to laugh at it. Joining in on the joke, even to tell them it's terrible, with a little laugh, boosts spirit and makes someone feel good. What a gift.

Rudolf's improvisation - he forgot his belt

What about those classic, embarrassing Dad jokes, that every Dad seems to think are hilarious even though everyone's heard them a thousand times before and no-one thinks are funny? Rudolf's knee slapping, predictable favorite to the question of how long we've been married, is:

'Too long. When I said til death do us part, I just didn't know she would live this long ...'

I didn't find it funny when we were younger. Now that we've been together over thirty years, I just don't think I'm going to see the end of this Kotsch family favorite 😬

Except that we might not what to encourage unwanted Dad jokes, what's the real harm in joining in?

GSL is a service for children and young people. My association with childhood is play, and my association with play is fun. If I take it further my association with fun is laughter, and when I think about laughter, I feel light and good. GSL is also a workplace, and there are all sorts of associations with work. Play, fun and laughter aren't normally the words that come to mind, but for us in particular they should be.

Work can be all consuming and purposeful, but it doesn't have to be humorless. Having said that, a number of years back I was drawn into a corporate laughter workshop and I was irritated and annoyed all the way through. It felt frivolous and silly - perhaps I was being a little harsh ... One of the first lessons in Steve Martin's an online comedy master class is to find the comedy in everyday life. That's more what I'm talking about. There was a time Rudolf was doing a Bunnings run and took some of the guys with him. As they were wandering through, they noticed the bathroom display and without thinking reenacted a 'try before you buy' scene; just for the fun of it.

We support children and young people living with disability, and many have mental health disorders. This is no laughing matter, but when did playfulness, fun and laughter stop being a part of growing up?

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