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Updated: May 24, 2019

My quest to learn more about social media is on. My natural inclination is to be introverted, and until now my preference in regards to social media has been to shy away. I'm not sure what has changed, certainly not the discomfort I feel when thinking about posting, or 'speaking', in an unfamiliar, online, social forum!

I've just reactivated my twitter account which I created about a year ago. This time around I'm determined to follow people and world views I want to hear. Perhaps the day will come, when I will have the courage to tweet ...

This morning I came across this post from a little while ago:

It resonated with me. Yesterday I was speaking with a father. His son has autism and an intellectual impairment. In the transition from Disability Service to NDIS, his son's support funds were drastically reduced and some of the funds are fixed into capacity building categories that aren't relevant. We were pondering how to use funds in his son's plan that have ended up in the 'Improving relationships' section when really his son's needs are to learn more about adult sexual relationships and to form a healthy self image (he hates his own disability, and himself for having one).

We also have someone at work who has a sister with a disability. Her NDIA Plan has funds set aside for continence pads which they can't use - his sister is continent! She needs some assistance with the self care routine associated with toileting, particularly when in unfamiliar environments, but this is a vastly different need.

So ... as I'm finding new people to follow and scrolling down all the unfamiliar people and faces, I started to think about who I was hearing all this twitter. Maybe because I'm not speaking yet (need to work on those extrovert social skills!), it occurred to me, that the 'voices' - the ones I was listening to are from those who are cognitively able; those who are socially able; those who are socially confident.

These are not common traits in the families or young people I know and GSL supports. I've been thinking about doing a podcast and I think there's room for having a bit of fun and a laugh. Maybe it's time? (or maybe the parameters of my comfort zone are near snapping point!) Maybe we can add some FNQ voices to 'the chat'.

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