Barry the Cat

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

I have a feeling this is one of those funny stories that isn't so funny when you tell it! It's cute, so I'll share anyway.

Before I tell it, there's a little back story ...

Three years ago, a little man came to live with GSL. He was seven and he came to us two days before Christmas. He was distraught, confused and missing his family. My heart was bleeding for this little man.

Associated with his autism, his speech was impaired and his understanding of the events happening in his world were probably different to how others might view them. At that point he was much better at communicating through his behaviour, and boi was he communicating! He was so dysregulated in his grief and confusion, his ability to be soothed or self soothe was very low.

We decided it was important to get routine and familiarity with the team happening. He was hyper sensitive to everything, so we keep the curtains closed, the air conditioning on, and the quiet sounds in his little world were only of his familiar and favorite programs. He raged. We completely ignored Christmas that year and focused on predictable, quiet routine. He raged. We kept team to a minimum and soothed. He raged. His home was destroyed many times over and the irreparable damage done to the interior of the car ensured it would remain a GSL car for the rest of it's days! His meltdowns were epic.

Over the three years he's lived with us, he's learned more words and he works very hard to manage his own emotions. He's now ten, and really wants a pet. He lives in a rental, so pets aren't allowed. The compromise has been a fish.

Our little man has a huge heart. He loves cuddles and cares about everyone and everything.

So back to Barry the Cat.

A favorite activity for our little man (OLM) is to visit rescue animals and give them lost of love. As I was scrolling down the group chat of his team I spotted a post about one of these visits:

'Our Little Man (OLM) made a new friend who he named Barry. He was so happy playing with all the cats and after explaining that we can't take Barry home OLM stated that he and Barry would meet again when they are older and they will live together (insert emojis **laughing face** **cat face**). OLM expressing all his happy emotions this morning'

And there underneath the post was the most beautiful, glowing grin of our little man holding Barry.

This is why we do what we do.

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