a Reason or a Season

Who hasn't read or heard or seen this quote before? I recently attended the annual Employee Experience summit in Melbourne. EX is big - it's buzzy and very hipster and it seems to be the language used in most medium to large sized enterprises these days.

It's link to CX (customer experience) is celebrated and widely announced as if it's the biggest innovation since online time sheets! If I sound a little conceited here it's because I quietly am.

We have known of the importance of the customer experience for many years. The experience itself taught us that in our business, our clients seek consistency in everything, more so in the people that enter their homes on a daily basis to provide care, support, friendship and guidance.

For some it could mean urgency in knowing who will show up during their day and at what time, for others it may be a print copy on the fridge of what the comings and goings of their team would be for the week.

High level of dependence on team members. High level of commitment by team members.

The nature of support work means that a business such as ours may not be able to satisfy this need for consistency all the time. Long hours, the availability to attend to overnight and weekend work and juggling the ongoing demands of personal lives sometimes mean that team members come and go. The exit of a support worker from a team is traumatic. For the team member exiting, for the team left behind and very definitely for the person requiring the care and support. The reason for the exit is irrelevant - the gap it leaves is felt widely. It has an impact!

Whilst listening to the stories told by others attending EX recently, I couldn't help but draw a line to our own experiences and observations in GSL. I am so conscious of all the needs required to be met to ensure our team members stay for as long as possible.

For a reason, a season or a lifetime.

We are constantly improving and innovating communication platforms, on-boarding systems and methods of ensuring client specific information (and guidance!) becomes easily and effortlessly accessible. Having insight into how team members view their roles, their supports and their wider networks is invaluable and I blogged recently about my excitement in reading through all the feedback forms we collected after our April Awesome Day team event.

These efforts are strongly aimed at ensuring our teams stay on board for as long as possible.

If the EX is supportive, nurturing, informative and brings joy, the CX will naturally reflect the same.

That's the WIN - regardless of whether for a reason, season or a lifetime!

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