A Good Day

Nettie started the day with this post to the team:

Gonna be a good day when there's lego

It's now the end of the day ... so time to reflect. Was it a good day? If we're talking value, then yes. Yes, it was a valuable day.

What were we up to? I hear you ask. Well, I answer, We were at an AgileAus19 Workshop. The topic was Strategic Planning for Agile Leaders and although I learned an immense amount, my biggest learning was that even though we have designed a new organisational structure and we are busy designing roles and workflows, we haven't yet started the transformation. In this, we are still in prep mode.

Nettie and I sat at a table of fluent agilers who were immersed in a room of kindred spirit. The language was foreign and the work practices are world's apart from where we, in GSL, stand today. Moving to agile will not be a quick transition, it will be a slow and purposeful transformation. We are transforming from traditional to agile. Even though agile isn't a destination, as such, I can't help but think we have decided to migrate and who better to lead us than Nettie. In The story of us, she shared with us her family's migration to Australia. Our Nettie knows how to do this; we can trust and we can have confidence.

So then back to today. In one of the many activities, we were set a task relating to the importance of mission and values. It prompted me to think of We're off on a road trip, in which I talked about the very same. An impressive young man was sitting at our table and I knew that if I asked him the mission of the organisation he works for, he'd be able to tell me. I asked; he delivered. That's what I want of every GSL-ian. It's not that people should be able to recite verbatim a meaningless sentence or two of pretty words, the reason I knew this young man would be able to answer my question was because he'd demonstrated through conversation that he worked to his organisation's values. He understood and he aligned.

I don't know who his boss is, or who the founder of his organisation is - all I can do is give a shout out: 'well done!'

The day prompted much discussion between Nettie and I. This focused mostly around people. I can't help but think the ultimate goal is 'uber-GSL'. If uber is a prefix, with the basic meaning of 'over' or 'beyond' then it's applicable. Nettie mentioned a mind shift for people within GSL, and I agree. We need to work faster and deliver innovation faster. I think in our industry, innovation equates to new ways of doing things. In GSL, I think this starts with integration of technology in our service delivery models, and a range of new services.

At the end of the day we were asked to write three post-it notes: one thing we'd learned; one thing we would explore as a result of attending the workshop; and, one thing we would action. On my post-it note titled 'learned' I wrote I'd learned that transforming our organisation is going to take both left and right brain functions. We are going to have to be analytical balanced with social-emotional. In my mind this is no small ask. On the note titled 'explore', I wrote 'find kindred'. I've decided it'll be a worthwhile exercise to find out about other non-government human services organisations who have ventured into this agile space. And, on my final post-it note? The note titled 'action' read, ask team what is the most important thing we should measure?

In my mind we measure what is important to us. I'll be interested to see what comes back.

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