A butterfly, Piranha and birthday boy walked into a bar ...

Updated: May 31, 2019

At 8:29pm last night my phone pinged. A text. 2 attachments. A birthday celebration. Familiar GSL faces smiling back at me. Proud maternal-like moment. 'Happy birthday *celebration emojis*' I texted back. Aaawwww - I felt so good.

Those faces have been with us for years. I think most have been in my life for 6 or so years and in this time we have shared ups and some very low downs.

We have our beautiful butterfly that has just returned to us from a period of living in Brisbane. I was so proud when she wanted to try living somewhere else and experience what life may throw at her. For the two years she was gone, there she did little check-ins ever so long just to say hello. She's a beautiful soul and has just come back to us.

We have a Piranha who is going from strength to strength. Going for his license next week and taking on more and more responsibility at work. He told 'Grandpa Piranha' he wouldn't drink and go home early so he'd be fit for work today. How mature is that?

And then there's birthday boy. The changes we've seen. From the senior school student who couldn't regulate his emotions and constantly defaulting to anger, to the young man beaming back at me in the photo. Who would have thought? He organised this get together, was dressed in shirt and pants and was cheering to the camera with others who had come together to celebrate with him. He has navigated times of homelessness, extortion by 'girlfriends', extreme loneliness and periods of incarceration.

There were others in the photo who I didn't know, but I did spot his Mum. She was having a good time. You could see it. Oh, the joy of joining your boy in a time like this, when there have been such heart rendering difficult times.

Cheers to my birthday boy, Piranha and very beautiful butterfly. I am so very proud.

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