Accommodation Services

GSL a Good Start to Life offers shared or individual accommodation services for kids and young adults living with a disability aged between 16 and 24 years of age. 


We are all too familiar with the anxieties and worries you might have moving into your own place. We offer a few services that will help you transition from living with your parents to living in your own home.

Some other benefits of shared accommodation include 


This service under the NDIS replaces what was previously

know as Respite Service. You will stay a night or two with

a support worker in a residence. You might or might not

have to share the residence with other participants.

Additional services can be provided to you under 

individual support in your own home.

During your short stay with us, you will be accommodated

in our Treehouse where the support worker will help you

with all the skills you might need to live on your wons. 


These include :


  • Menu planning, budgeting, cooking and meal preparation

  • Home care and personal hygiene, presentation

  • Community access, navigating the world.


Medium Term Accommodation is a service that provides the opportunity for participants to access a 90-day duration while they are preparing to move into their forever home.


During their time within the service, participants will be able to work towards gaining independence skills in a supported environment while being assisted to find their new home.


Unlike Short Term Accommodation which is for a short period of time, Medium Term accommodation allows the opportunity for participants to access on a longer-term basis.


Once you feel you have the basic skills you need to live independently it is time to look at SIL. This is a long term support service where a support worker is assigned to assist you in your own place or one of our properties where you will be sharing accommodation with other participants. 

The amount of time you will have a support worker to assist you will be determined by your NDIS plan. 

You will receive continues support with the following skills :

  • Community access including the use of public transport

  • How to find a job

  • Budgeting

  • Menu planning

  • Hygiene around the house

  • Personal hygiene

We are presently sourcing and scoping possibilities around providing holiday accommodation under NDIS funding – watch this space for new developments.


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